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Used Toyota Aygo – White

Pre-Owned Toyota Aygo Available in White

Compact and capable for the busy driver who needs to get around quickly, the Toyota Aygo has been captivating motorists for a very long time. With its trendy design and affordable price tag, it’s one of the most popular vehicles for new drivers. Over the years, the engine has become far more efficient, and the design gets even sleeker and cooler with each successive incarnation. It’s a car that looks stylish and runs well; delight in everything a used Toyota Aygo in white offers – wherever you’re driving to.

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What do you get?

Low-cost, and with the technical precision and practical utility you’d expect from Toyota, you can relax knowing that you’re in good hands with a used Aygo. And, with a bright, brilliant-white design and a consistent finish, you’ll stand out among the crowd for sure. This appealing design also stretches inside the car, where you’ll find a well-equipped dashboard and comfy seats with plenty of head- and legroom. There’s also a strong engine underneath, giving your used white Toyota Aygo all the guts it needs to get you from A to B with confidence.

How does it drive?

As standard, most Aygos come fitted with a basic five-speed manual gearbox that’s easy to shift through smoothly. This car can also get to high speeds without any downsides – it’s built for reliability but made for enjoyment. Whatever your driving style, we’re confident you won’t be left wanting.

If you’re looking for a fast, small city car that’s beloved by drivers of all ages and abilities, a used Toyota Aygo is your best choice. And of course, it’ll look even better in white. Want to test drive before you buy? Come to Currie Motors to explore your options!