Currie Motors Toyota - Hybrid Health Check

An annual Hybrid Health Check at Currie Motors Toyota is the best way to ensure you are safeguarding the health of your vehicle. By scheduling the health check annually you can spot any issues early and respond before they turn into bigger problems.

A free Hybrid Health Check is now included with any Hybrid Service. But if you're not due a service for a while you can still benefit from the Hybrid Health Check at a cost of £45.

Our technicians will test the whole Hybrid system, compiling a written report that gives you all the information you need in order to understand the health of your Hybrid vehicle.

All the details will be explained to you, and if any work needs doing to maintain the system's performance, we will talk you through the points that need attention allowing you to decide on the steps you want to take next.

This great value is combined with the added benefit of an extension to the warranty of your battery. With each Hybrid Health Check you will get up to 1 year or 10,000 miles extension (whichever comes soonest) on your hybrid battery cover which can be renewed up to the 10th anniversary of the car's registration with no limit on total mileage.

For further information on the Hybrid Health Check or to make a booking, please contact your nearest Currie Motors Toyota aftersales centre.