How to Check and Change Wiper Blades

Since wiper blades are made of rubber, they will naturally wear out after a few months. Understanding how to check and change your wiper blades is an essential part of your car maintenance. Quality wiper blades are vital for car safety; they keep your windscreen clear, so you can spot hazards and react quickly.

When to replace your wiper blades:

Wiper blades should be replaced if:

  • They start to leave streaks on your windscreen
  • They jump or judder
  • They leave smears across the glass

Generally, it’s advisable to replace your wiper blades every 6 months.

You can also check your wiper blades directly by raising the metal wiper arm away from the windshield and looking at the rubber. If you see the rubber blade separating from the wiper, or if there are cracks in the rubber, you’ll need to replace your wiper blades.

Some wiper blades come with a wear indicator. You can check the status of your wiper blades by removing the protective plastic tab; if the dark blue box has faded to white, it’s time to change your blades.

How to change your wiper blades:

  • Start by unhooking the old wiper blade; simply lift the wiper up, pop open the tab with your finger, and slide the blade out.
  • Lay the wiper arm back down on the windscreen to avoid any damage.
  • Take the new blade, ensuring the tab is out; lift the wiper arm up and insert it into the blade, pulling until it snaps into place.
  • Push the tab in and lay the wiper back onto the windscreen.

Toyota wiper blades are made of quality, long-lasting rubber and have been specially designed to fit your Toyota car windscreen. If you’re unsure about changing wiper blades yourself, visit your nearest Currie Motors Toyota repairer for assistance.