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Mirai already breaking records

Everyone is getting very excited about the imminent arrival of the Toyota Mirai. However, there are those who have had their doubts about Toyota’s first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Fear not doubters, recent tests carried out by Toyota prove that the Mirai can go the distance.

The Mirai was put to the test and exceeded some people’s expectations, achieving 67 miles per gallon in official US combined city/highway driving calculations. The estimated driving range was 312 miles on a single tank – further than any other zero emissions car on the market.

Toyota’s North America CEO Jim Lentz said, “Toyota realised in the early 90s that electrification was key to the future of automobile. Just as Prius introduced hybrid-electric vehicles to millions of customers nearly 20 years ago, Mirai is now poised to usher in a new era of efficient, hydrogen transportation.”

Toyota will introduce Mirai in limited numbers to the UK market later this year. We will have all the latest updates as and when we get them!