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GR Supra

Drawing on a rich 30-year history, the legend that is the GR Supra has returned to deliver superior quality and comfort on the road as well as on the track. The GR Supra has some of the best examples of ingredients that make a good sports car – lightweight construction, low centre of gravity, and optimum weight distribution to name a few. As such, its new incarnation will come close to being one of the best models on the market in terms of both balance and control, while at the same time appearing every inch a gutsy grand tourer.

What do you get?

With the GR Supra, expect the same high level of build quality and reliability enjoyed by other Toyota models. Producing over 300 horsepower from its three-litre engine, this version boasts a confident blend of power delivery and instant response. Able to reach 100 kilometres an hour in less than five seconds, the super-smooth engine keeps drivers in complete control, ensuring they’re protected through even the tightest of bends. Such features help make the GR Supra one of the most hotly anticipated cars in the brand’s history.

GR Supra Side view
GR Supra Rear view
Red GR Supra

How does it drive?

With its front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout, the GR Supra has an even weight distribution between the front and back, unchanged by the driver’s presence. This combined with flexibly distributed drive force makes handling much easier, affording even more comfort and control.

Racetrack or country road, the GR Supra is more than up to the challenge of providing driving pleasure that everyone on board can enjoy.

GR Supra Front seats
GR Supra Automatic
GR Supra Driver seats

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