Minor and Major Service | Barnet, Hertfordshire | Currie Motors SEAT

3-15 Years Service

Fixed Price Servicing from £169

See the table below for details of pricing and details of minor and major services at Currie Motors SEAT Barnet.

Minor £169 (Every 12 Months/10,000 Miles) Major £279 (Every 24 Months/20,000 Miles)
Car Serviced to SEATS UK's Recommendations
Premium Synthetic Oil Change
Change Oil Filter
Change Fuel Filter (Diesel Engines) -
Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection and Report
Check and Top-up Screenwash and Antifreeze
Check for Outstanding Vehicle Safety, Software, and
Product Enhancements from SEAT's Database
Vehicle fault memory check and report
Air Filter Replacement -
Pollen Filter Replacement (Where Required)
Check Suspension System -
Check and Adjust Tension of Drive Belts -
Remove all Wheels for Inspection of Braking System -
Replace Spark Plugs (Petrol Engines) -
Check Heating/Air Conditioning Operation -
Reset Service Interval Display
Vehicle Road Test
SEAT Stamp in Service Book
Courtesy Wash and Vacuum
FREE SEAT Roadside Assistance (When Service

^Subject to terms and conditions.