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Extended SEAT Warranty For New Cars

When you buy a new SEAT from a Currie Motors Barnet, your new car is covered by a three-year/60,000 miles Standard SEAT Vehicle Warranty, but if you take out a SEAT Extended Warranty before your new car is registered, you’ll get the same level of cover for up to five years.

You can choose a SEAT Extended Warranty to last until the end of the fourth year/up to 75,000 miles or until the end of the fifth year/up to 90,000 miles, whichever is soonest.

And as prices are likely to go up over the years, you could be saving even more money by purchasing your extended warranty at the same time as you purchase your car.


  • Exactly the same cover as the original manufacturer cover:
  • No limit to the number of claims you can make, no excess and no need to ‘pay and reclaim’ (within UK^)
  • Repairs carried out by a member of the SEAT authorised network using SEAT genuine parts
  • Fully transferable to the new owner (and subsequent owners) should you sell your car – enhancing the resale value of the car
  • Simple process to have the repairs done, just contact your SEAT dealer and take your policy with you when you drop your car off.
Model:Time and Mileage:SEAT Extended Warranty RRP incl. VAT:Typical Third Party Warranty RRP incl. VAT^^
Mii 4yrs/75,000miles# £149 £262
5yrs/90,000miles# £269 £524
Ibiza 4yrs/75,000miles# £209 £403
5yrs/90,000miles# £359 £759
New Toledo 4yrs/75,000miles# £249 £279
5yrs/90,000miles# £429 £559
New Leon4yrs/75,000miles# £259 £433
5yrs/90,000miles# £439 £819
Altea4yrs/75,000miles# £269 £418
5yrs/90,000miles# £449 £789
Exeo 4yrs/75,000miles# £309 £497
5yrs/90,000miles# £529 £941
Alahambra 4yrs/75,000miles# / 5yrs/90,000miles# £429 / £729 £507 / £1,074


With a SEAT Extended Warranty, you're covered for replacement costs like those shown below so you don't need to worry about expensive repair bills.

New Part:Model:Repair Cost:
Air Conditioning Unit Ibiza 1.4 £779
Engine New Leon 2.0 TDI £5,208
Alternator Altea 1.6 TDI £497
Electric Window Motor New Leon 1.2 £105
Steering Rack New Toledo 1.2 TSI £788
Gearbox Alhambra 2.0TDI DSG £4,093


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^When travelling within the EU you will need to pay for the repairs and then claim the costs back from a UK member of the SEAT authorised network. Repairs must be carried out by a member of the SEAT-authorised network in the country you are visiting.

#Whichever is soonest. ^^Source: research conducted online. The figures shown in the table are averages of the results collected. Quotes obtained in January 2013 from a selection of online warranty providers. Their prices are indicative and may vary up or down depending on parameters chosen (such as engine size, mileage, excess, maximum labour rate allowed, type of garage chosen etc) and so may not be directly comparable with SEAT's single cover level.