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Toyota GB’s new ‘Bee-segment’ offering

Toyota GB’s headquarters at Burgh Heath in Surrey isn’t short of industrious workers, but some of the busiest bees spend their days in a hive in Toyota GB’s garden rather than behind desks.

The work of the busy bees can now be enjoyed in the shape of the latest batch of Burgh Heath honey.

The colony of TGBees, which can number about 30,000 in the height of summer, was introduced in 2015 to augment the habitat of fruit trees, ponds, wildflowers and shrubs that surround our Eco-HQ

With Toyota’s Environmental Challenge 2050, the bee’s are playing a vital part in helping Toyota achieve one of their key missions ‘to establish a future society in harmony with nature’.

Unlike other beehives, the TBG Hive is not to produce honey for mass consumption but to compliment Toyota’s garden biodiversity credentials and therefore the beehive is left to its own devices as much as possible. This has only been the third time Toyota has harvested any honey since 2015.

As bees use the energy-rich sticky stuff to keep warm in the winter, therefore Toyota makes sure to leave as much honey to the bees as possible.

The honey which is harvested is decanted into jars by Toyota own on-site catering company. The jars are then given to Toyota staff in exchange for a donation. All proceeds then go to Toyota’s charity partner, the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.