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The simple truths about Hybrids

It was nearly 20 years ago that the first Prius Hybrid took to the roads and since then Toyota has been the market leader for hybrid vehicles. Over 8 million drivers have switched to Toyota hybrid and haven’t looked back but some people still have their reservations. So we are going to bust the myths and tell you the simple truths about hybrids!

Do I need to plug in a hybrid car?

Unlike electric vehicles, which need to be plugged in, and Plug-in Hybrids, which can be plugged in, Toyota’s hybrids never need to be plugged in. The recharge ‘on the go’ due to a regenerative braking system that transforms braking energy into electricity that is then stored in the hybrid battery. So just fill up with fuel and continue on your way, just like you would in any conventional car.

But what happens if my battery runs out of charge?

There’s no fear of a Toyota Hybrid running out of charge as it charges itself as you drive. The sophisticated system continually monitors the petrol engine and battery and seamlessly switches between each when necessary.

Toyota Hybrid Range

Is it expensive to service a hybrid?

It costs around the same amount as a conventional Toyota and can be carried out at our Kingston or Isleworth service centres. Some parts like the brake pads may actually wear less due to the benefits of a hybrids regenerative braking. And until the end of June Toyota are offering 3 years free servicing on any new Hybrid bought.

Do hybrid batteries need to be replaced often?

All batteries in hybrid cars are designed to last the lifetime of the car.

Are they really good for the environment?

Hybrid cars switch off their engines as often as they can to save you fuel and money. And with low fuel consumptions comes low emissions; our hybrid cars boast some of the lowest CO2 emissions in their classes and unlike diesel cars very low levels of harmful nitrogen oxides.

But doesn't that make them more expensive to buy?

We have some great finance offers available on hybrid cars. Until then end of June all new hybrids are available with 0% APR and 3 years free servicing. Hybrid cars also offer some long term savings such us fuel consumption, annual road tax and congestion charges.

So there you have it, some hybrid myths busted! If you have any other questions about hybrids be sure to contact our team today or watch the videos for even more info!