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Disabled drivers get the Toyota GT86 rally experience.

The Spinal Track is helping disabled drivers learn rally skills in a Toyota GT86.

Spinal Track is a charity which is dedicated to giving free rally experiences and track days to disabled drivers with adapted cars developed by racers who understand the wants and needs of disabled car enthusiasts. ​

A one of a kind rally course

The new Spinal Track Rally Experience is the UK’s first rally experience designed for disabled drivers. It offers the opportunity to drive a modified rear-wheel-drive Toyota GT86 on a gravel rally stage.

The rally experiences are free for disabled drivers, besides a refundable deposit to secure the booking. A charity set up in memory of the 2001 World Rally Champion who passed away in 2005, Richard Burns Foundation (RBF), supports the events that are held by Spinal Track.

The Toyota GT86 rally cars

There are two Toyota GT86 rally cars, both with different modifications to suit as many drivers as possible. With the funding of RBF, the purchase of the two cars was possible as well as the modification of the vehicles which feature hand controls and automatic transmissions.

The two cars are fitted with different hand controls. One of the two even has a left foot throttle. Both of the cars however have bucket seats, safety harnesses, long-travel suspension and rollcages.Text here ...

The Spinal Track rally experience

The half-day Spinal Track Rally Experience will focus on teaching rally techniques on the gravel track. Instructors tailor their programme for each and every single driver, based on the conditions and the ability of the driver.

The president of the FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission said: “Until now, Spinal Track has focused its support for disabled drivers around track days and circuit activities. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of all our sponsors and donors, we really do have the power to change lives, and make motorsport for everyone.”

To find out more or to donate to the Spinal Track charity, click here.