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Save with low emission vehicles on car parking.

Boroughs across the UK have introduced discounts on car parking for low emission cars. Hybrid cars are the way forward.

What is happening and why?

There have been different schemes launched in parts of the UK that allow residents with low emission cars to receive a discount on their parking permits. Some, such as Richmond Borough, are even allowing car parking for qualifying vehicles for free! Research shows that Richmond upon Thames householders are producing more Co2 than most other boroughs in London. Therefore by implementing these schemes, Richmond hopes to make a positive impact on reducing the Co2 emission and helping global warming.

Parked low-emission Prius plug in hybrid

There are already seven boroughs in London which add a premium to diesel cars on parking. This can sometimes cost more than double comparing to a hybrid car. Islington council, who increased the cost of car parking for residents that own all diesel cars back in 2015, urged that other local authorities join them and introduce similar schemes as pollution is a problem for all residents. They also hope these types of charges will encourage drivers to switch to cleaner and greener vehicles. 

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better fuel economy and co2 emissions

Toyota Hybrid, helping the environment.

No brand is more closely associated with hybrid cars than Toyota, the company behind the iconic Toyota Prius. Toyota Hybrid vehicles alone have already saved 34 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and counting. As one of the world’s top car manufacturers, Toyota takes very seriously its responsibility in protecting the environment and is constantly striving to reduce their vehicle Co2 emissions. Their aim is to by 2050 to have reduced their emissions by 90%, when compared to the levels back in 2010.

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Do you qualify?

Be sure to check with your local borough if you are entitled to a discount and have a browse through our range of Toyota Hybrid vehicles that could be saving you on parking. Drive into the future with a Toyota Hybrid car.

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