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Keyless Entry/Start Protection

Protecting your vehicle.

It is now a common feature on many vehicles of today to have keyless entry and start. Whilst this is a convenient and fantastic way to access and start your vehicle, the technology that enables this functionality (RFID – Radio Frequency Identification) puts your car at risk and leaves it open to attack by criminals. This can result in loss of personal property and potential vehicle theft.

What is Keyless theft?

RFID Keyless Entry Fobs constantly omit a signal allowing access/vehicle starting with a range of up to 100 metres. The process criminals use to gain access to the vehicle is by one of the criminals standing close enough to the house to ‘grab and forward’ the car key’s signal, using a signal extending device, to their accomplice. The accomplice then receives the signal close enough to your car, allowing it to be unlocked and potentially be driven away.

Don’t forget the basics to avoid car theft

Don’t forget to take the standard security measures such us ensuring your vehicle is properly locked and to keep your car keys as far away from doors and windows as possible. This is good practice and will minimise the chances of criminals being able to project your car key’s signal to enter into your vehicle.

Faraday Wallets

Another way to keep your car key’s signal from being transmitted by criminals is by using a faraday wallet. These are metal lined wallets with magnetic full closure which block the signals from transmitting and avoiding any unwanted entry into your vehicle.

Toyota has now partnered with Faraday Wallet Solutions to bring you the Fobstopper. The Fobstopper is a proprietary design from Toyota’s On Board Defence Limited (A Toyota GB supplier specialising in automotive security systems) compromising an oversized double lined wallet that ensures your car key fobs are fully protected from RFID relay attack.

To find out more about the Faraday Wallets Solutions, contact your local Currie Motors dealership today.

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