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7 things you would never guess Toyota makes

Toyota was recently named as the world's most valuable automotive brand, but did you know about the non-automotive products that Toyota makes.


Toyota has been making boats since 1997. Their latest product – the Poonam-31 – is equipped with two 3.0 litre diesel engines derived from the Land Cruiser Prado. The vessel measure in at 31 foot and provides accommodation for twelve people.


Since 2011 Toyota have been developing various types of robots which are designed to help people in everyday life. They developed the human face recognition software for Kirobo, a 34cm tall robot, who in 2013 became the first robot ever to speak in space.


Toyota have been building houses since 1975. The 2003, the Toyota Housing Group was established and today they build around 15,000 homes a year.

Fork lifts and pallet trucks

Fork lifts and pallet trucks are produced at factories around Europe under the company name Toyota Material Handling UK. They have won several awards for their design including the International Forum (iF) Product Design Award 2014.

Sewing Machines

Toyota have been producing sewing machines since 1946 under the philosophy that every machine should be 'functional yet beautiful'. It is this statement that has made the product so popular since its invention.


The 'Coaster' bus has been in existence since 1969 and can today be seen in countries all around the globe, from Hong Kong to Panama.

QR Codes

One of Toyota's subsidiary companies is credited with creating the ever popular 'Quick Response' (QR) codes back in 1994.