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Used Lexus LC

Used Lexus LC for Sale

A breathtaking luxury coupé, a used Lexus LC is a vehicle that offers something truly special for every kind of driver. Vibrancy is the word for this car: from its stunningly sleek exterior to its no-nonsense, all-performance mechanics, there’s nothing mundane about the LC. Comfortable and driver-friendly inside, there’s a treasure-trove of motoring experiences waiting to be unlocked from the moment you turn the key.

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What do you get?

When you buy a used Lexus LC with Currie Motors, you can fully enjoy yourself on the open road. Compact engineering gives the LC its low bonnet, while to the rear, the cabin roof-line and broad wheel arches reinforce this car’s muscular stance. The cockpit gives you the confidence to enjoy spirited driving, with the controls and displays intuitively positioned right where you need them. Boasting lightweight technologies and exhilarating powertrains, you’re sure to fall in love with everything about this car. And with the standards that Lexus has already set, you know you’re getting the real deal when it comes to motoring.

How does it drive?

If you’re looking for a drive that’s as dynamic as the aesthetic, it’s certainly easy to find in a used Lexus LC. Every model available delivers on both speed and handling, while the hybrid engine makes for outstanding fuel economy and smoothness on just about every road surface. For anyone interested in energetic, elegant driving, the LC is the perfect car!

For stylish, sophisticated motoring, you can’t go wrong with a used Lexus LC. So, check out our extensive selection to find the model that’s right for you.