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Turbo Power Introduced to New Lexus IS

The popular Lexus IS saloon will introduce turbo power engines for the first time ever when the IS 200t is released later this year. It will become only the third model in the Lexus fleet to have the new petrol turbo power engine, following the NX 200t crossover and the RX 200t SUV.

The lightweight engine will produce 241bhp and 350Nm of torque, resulting in a seven second 0-62mph acceleration and 143mph top speed. It will also feature an eight-speed Sport Direct Shift automatic transmission, which was originally developed for the RC-F. The average fuel consumption is from 40.4mpg.

Lexus have used a raft of innovative engine technologies on the IS 200t to help it achieve a high level of responsiveness as well as excellent fuel efficiency. Some of these technologies include:

D-4ST fuel injection – direct fuel injections and water-cooled cylinder head with integrated exhaust manifold and twin-scroll turbo, optimising fuel combustion in all driving situations to improve fuel economy.

Dual VVT-iW technology – the turbo engine features dual intelligent variable valve-timing technology allowing torque to be optimised throughout the rev range.

Lightweight – the engine is surprisingly compact weighing just 160kg. Heat management inside the engine improves fuel efficiency even further.

Eight-speed transmission – the turbo engine is repaired with an eight speed Sport Direct Shift transmission with paddle shifts which was originally developed for the RC-F. The transmission will automatically downshift under hard braking on the approach to a corner, holding a lower gear throughout the bend for greater control, before selecting a suitable gear to exit on.

The Lexus IS 200t is due out in September, with prices and specification being released soon! If you would like more information please contact Lexus Twickenham today!

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