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All New Lexus ES (Coming Soon)

From £35,150

All New Lexus ES (Coming Soon)

All New Lexus ES

The New Lexus ES

Certain to build on the success of the six generations prior, the seventh-generation Lexus ES will undoubtedly break new ground in the midsize executive saloon category. Whether traditional buyer or a new customer, the new Lexus ES promises to charm all who drive it, with a winning combination of luxury craftsmanship, state-of-the-art safety features and enhanced performance. Quiet, comfortable and made for a variety of different driving conditions, the new ES is Lexus’ boldest offering yet.

What do you get?

The new Lexus ES model has been created with the perfect balance of style and high-quality engineering drivers have come to expect from Lexus cars. Drawing its power from a fourth-generation self-charging hybrid drive system designed to deliver exceptional efficiency and performance, the new ES also features a brand-new chassis that endows it with great handling, creating a much smoother ride. Comfort and refinement define this model, making it even more of an appealing car for modern drivers. Longer, lower and wider than its predecessors, the new Lexus ES cuts a dynamic figure on the open road.

How does it drive?

The new Lexus ES has one simple aim when it comes to driving: to provide a sense of complete control behind the wheel. Delivering a smooth ride is simply not enough; it truly takes response and relaxation to the next level.

Full of flair and plenty of features that keep everyone safe and secure on the road, the new Lexus ES model sets a high standard for the future of midsize luxury saloon cars.

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