The History Behind Currie Motors

Nice people to do business with

Established some eighty years ago and today one of the most prominent motor retail groups in England, Currie Motors represents Lexus and Toyota and provides motorists with a one-stop quality service. The Group is also recognised as one of the most successful specialists in the sale of pre-owned cars.

Currie Motors' business philosophy is encapsulated in the internationally known slogan "Nice People to Do Business With", emphasising as it does the need to provide customers with peace of mind. Perhaps the fact that we are a fourth generation family owned and run business, with the descendants of the founder still in day to day control, provides that extra personal attention to quality service.

Dealerships are located in key areas of Greater London. Complementing the very successful sales branches are the After Sales operations which include extensive workshop facilities, bodyshop repair centres, parts and accessory sales.

It is a matter of pride that more than half of our business comes from past customers or people who have been recommended by them. This is evidence that the "Nice People to Do Business With" slogan is not an empty claim.

Currie Motors operates in both the retail and the fleet markets for both new and pre-owned, supplying new Lexus and Toyota cars. As well as holding a large stock of Lexus and Toyota used cars.

Every branch also has its own Motability Specialists who can advise customers on how to purchase a vehicle through the Motability Scheme. Today's motor industry is a complex one, demanding the application of the most modern business techniques and providing customers with standards of service which are constantly being upgraded.

This is in addition to Service and Bodyshop centres. All of the showrooms are official Dealerships appointed by a Motor Manufacturer. The manufacturers currently represented are Lexus and Toyota.

In the United States Currie Motors operates along similar lines, all the branches being positioned around the major city of Chicago.

Currie Motors - Nice people to do business with.